CRIMINAL HEARTS: Information Page

TLT's Zone-Winning Play "Criminal Hearts" Returns from Mainstage 2016 with More Accolades!!!

This past week saw the Terrace Little Theatre competing against the best plays from the other six competing zones at the provincial theatre festival in Chilliwack.

The competition was fierce, with a wide variety of productions being brought to the stage, and after the dust had settled, Terrace Little Theatre was awarded a trophy for Best Backstage Coordination as well as an honourable mention for Best Props.

Even with the strong acting and solid technical support, the TLT was unable to garner any other awards due to the amazing productions that they were competing against. Congratulations to all the clubs who competed, your dedication to community theatre will inspire us for years to come! Thank you.

Another huge thank you must go to all the businesses and individuals who supported our trip to Mainstage 2016. Without your valuable support, we would not be able to produce plays of the quality that we have enjoyed for decades!

Criminal Hearts Wins at Skeena Zone Drama Festival Awards Night!!!

This past weekend saw the 2016 Skeena Zone Drama Festival conclude at the McColl Playhouse. After adjudicator Sarah Rodgers' careful deliberations, the final results for "Criminal Hearts" are...

Best Costumes: Judy McCloskey for "Criminal Hearts"
Best Ensemble: "Wicked Women" and "Criminal Hearts"
Best Supporting Actor: Garnett Doell as "Robbie" in "Criminal Hearts" and Andy Roth as "Wib" in "Criminal Hearts"
Best Actress: Amy Spencer as "Ata" in "Criminal Hearts"
Best Director: Marianne Brorup Weston for "Criminal Hearts" and Baxter Huston for "One Side of the Moon and an Umbrella"
Best Production: "Criminal Hearts"

The cast and crew of "Criminal Hearts" would like to congratulate all the winners!

"Criminal Hearts" also won the People's Choice awards for Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Set and Best Production. Those who voted had to have seen all three shows in order to vote for their favourites.

With the Best Play award, "Criminal Hearts" will now begin fundraising for their trip to Chilliwack to compete in the Mainstage Theatre Festival. One of the fundraising events will be benefit performances of "Criminal Hearts" on June 24th and 25th, so, if you haven't seen it yet, or would like to see this award-winning play again, tickets are $20.00 are will be available at Uniglobe Courtesy Travel. Proceeds from the ticket sales will go toward the "Criminal Hearts" Mainstage travel fund.

If you would like to help with the fundraising, stay tuned to this website for more details, or visit us on Facebook to find out more.

Terrace Little Theatre's Successful 2016 Dinner Theatre Production of Jane Martin's Dark Comedy "Criminal Hearts" Closes with a Sold-out Show!!!

Terrace Little Theatre's dinner theatre production of Jane Martin's "Criminal Hearts" ends its successful run with a sold-out show. After performing before seven near sold-out audiences, TLT's 2016 dinner theatre production enjoyed a full house on closing night. Play director, Marianne Brorup Weston had this to say; "Resting on my laurels after a successful run of CRIMINAL HEARTS. I will repeat what I said at the after-party last night:

Of ALL the very, very many plays I have directed, and acted in, this has been without a doubt THE most giving, ego-free, and committed to excellence cast and crew.

Those are big words, from the bottom of my heart.

Each actor Amy Spencer, Cheryl Spencer, Garnett F. Doell and Andy Roth rose to the challenge and went beyond, almost effortlessly. No drama, no hysterics, no resistance to suggestion, and always a clear dedication to getting it right.

The crew was amazing: Alan Weston, solid as a rock. Norm Larson, Scott Spencer, Don MacLeod and Mark Buffam, dedicated to giving me the set I wanted. Tim Keenan, patiently accepting my illiterate music suggestions and staying open-minded resulting in a really lovely musical under-score supporting the integrity of the play. Eryn Griffith, Senga Buffam and Garnett F. Doell indulged me by playing internet tag to deliver a lighting design long distance, that rose miles above the limitations of the dinner space. Our apprentice Shannon Schuster, eager, willing, lending us her mother for dance lessons and always willing to learn, always cheering us on.

And of course the FORMIDABLE if not downright scary ASM Team of Amy Turner and Rylee Spencer, whose combined knowledge of keen Dr. Pepper can-stacking and Checkers pizza-box-arranging was only surpassed by their pencil-obsession. Especially the BLUE one.

Way behind the scenes Judy McCloskey, as per usual, totally caught my vision and delivered costumes & props pieces that earn a best supporting part. Things would not have been complete without Mumsie Sharon Diane Lynch sprinkling her pixie-dust calm over the last-minute make-up panic. And Julie Jacobs ~ my other rock. How blessed we were to have your standard of care in welcoming our house every night.

And for Skeena Valley Golf and Country Club staff Germain, Chloe and Jaz and all the kitchen volunteers - wow. Why did I wait so long to enjoy the cool vibe of Dinner Theatre?

So that was quite a week. I became a senior citizen, navigated the women in my family of origin without mishaps, assisted in the safe arrival of another beautiful grandchild, and enjoyed a lovely closing night to a fantastic play."

A huge thank you must also go out to you, the patrons, who keep coming out to our shows time after time, and thus keeping us coming out year after year. A sincere thank you.

Terrace Little Theatre's 2016 Dinner Theatre Production of Jane Martin's Dark Comedy "Criminal Hearts" Opens Next Friday!!!

The rehearsals are coming to a close for the Terrace Little Theatre's 2016 dinner theatre production of Jane Martin's dark comedy "Criminal Hearts" and opens next Friday, February 12th at the Skeena Valley Golf and Country Club.

Find out what happens when Bo and Robbie meet up with Ata, a woman with peculiar habits. Add in a little soon-to-be ex-husband Wib and a pinch of Mrs. Carnahan and you have the recipe for some unexpected and hilarious hi jinx.

Tickets are $45 and are available at Uniglobe Courtesy Travel. If you have a voucher it must be redeemed for actual tickets. The voucher cannot be used at the golf course as a ticket. Be sure to get your tickets early as there is reserved seating.

Terrace Little Theatre's 2016 Dinner Theatre Production of Jane Martin's Dark Comedy "Criminal Hearts" has been Cast!!!

Auditions, this past Saturday, for Jane Martin's dark comedy "Criminal Hearts" has cast the following people.

Amy Spencer as "Ata"
Cheryl Spencer as "Bo"
Garnett Doell as "Robbie"
Andy Roth as "Wib"
Amy Turner as "Mrs. Carnahan"

We would like to thank everyone who came out to the audition, especially the new people. Without your enthusiasm and participation we would likely have difficulty casting any of our shows. Your opportunity is still to come!

TLT Auditions for Jane Martin's Dark Comedy "Criminal Hearts" have been Changed to November 14th!!!

Terrace Little Theatre will be holding auditions for Jane Martin's dark comedy "Criminal Hearts" November 14th at 11:00 am at the McColl Playhouse, 3625 Kalum street.

There will be four roles to fill for this production, two women and two men. There is also an off-stage female voice heard during the show. The age range needed for this show varies, so all interested parties should mark this date on the calendar. You may just get on stage!

As usual, no experience is necessary, and bring a friend!