DOUBLE FEATURE: Information Page

Terrace Little Theatre's Fall Show "Double Feature" Closes With a Sold Out Show!!!

After the two well attended weekends, Terrace Little Theatre's production of "Brooding and Dangerous" and "Anniversary" closes its successful run to a sold out house.

We congratulate Robin Peterson MacLeod and Nathan Hoffart, as well as their awesome casts and crew, on a very entertaining and exciting pair of shows. Your hard work and commitment shone through with these two enchanting tales. We look forward to see what you might come up with next.

We would also like to thank our sponsors and our ever-enthusiastic audiences who make all of our theatrical visions possible.

Be sure to get your tickets for this year's dinner theatre production of "Criminal Hearts", at the Skeena Valley Golf and Country Club, opening next year on February 12th. We hope to see you then!

Terrace Little Theatre's Successful Fall Show "Double Feature" Has One More Show Saturday December 5th!!!

After two well attended weekends, TLT's fall production of "Brooding and Dangerous" and "Anniversary" have one more show this Saturday, December 5th.

Be sure to get your tickets for this final performance of "Double Feature", and find out what all the talk is about.

Come see our new acting talent and behold what the new directors have created!

All shows start at 8:00 pm with no late seating. Tickets are only $15.00 and are available at Uniglobe Courtesy Travel.

Terrace Little Theatre's Fall Show "Double Feature" Opens Next Friday November 20th!!!

After an exhaustive rehearsal schedule, TLT's fall production of "Brooding and Dangerous" and "Anniversary" open next Friday November 20th, at the McColl Playhouse.

While the one act plays might seem easier to produce, the amount of coordination needed to have two separate productions rehearsing in the same place at the same time is something else. But then, the Terrace Little Theatre is all about making the impossible possible.

With two new directors for the TLT involved, "Double Feature" will have a lot of interest to offer for our old and new patrons. Robin Peterson MacLeod, directing "Brooding and Dangerous", will be well known to people who have had children going through the Caledonia theatre program over the last two decades, where she directed numerous musical productions, while Nathan Hoffart, directing "Anniversary", will be new to most TLT patrons, making his TLT directing debut, after serving as our president this past season.

Both shows bring new acting talent to our stage along with some familiar faces, so be sure to get your tickets soon before they are all gone!

All shows start at 8:00 pm with no late seating. Tickets are only $15.00 and are available at Uniglobe Courtesy Travel.

Terrace Little Theatre's Fall Show Has Been Cast!!!

TLT is excited to announce that our fall show "Double Feature" has been cast!

For the show "Anniversary", we have cast:

Kristin Douma as Penelope
Anthony Pires as Matt
John Dafoe as Neal
Nicky McIntosh as Caroline

The play is a charming story of romance and recovery from grief. It follows a young woman remembering the anniversary of the death of her partner as she moves on with her life and meets someone new.

For the show "Brooding and Dangerous", we have cast:

Jon Stone as Sid
Kurt Smith as Kenneth
Janine Hamming as Margaret
Nancy Stone Archer as Mrs.Getz

Newlyweds Sid and Margaret are having a busy Saturday moving into their place and preparing for Sid's job at the bank. Meeting their eccentric neighbours, Kenneth Getz and his mom, may be more than they can handle--especially when Mrs. Getz gives new meaning to "bank job".

The shows will be running November 20th, 21st 27th, 28th and December 5th at the McColl Playhouse, 3625 Kalum street. All show have an 8:00 pm start with no late seating. Tickets are $15.00 and are available at Uniglobe Courtesy Travel.

We would like to thank everyone who came out to the auditions. Your enthusiasm and participation were very much appreciated. Thank you!


Terrace Little Theatre is auditioning for three one act plays that will open late November.

The three plays are:

THE THREAD MAN by Thomas Dunn
Directed by Baxter Huston

2 men

When a psychiatrist becomes trapped in an elevator with a man acting bizarrely, he quickly learns that his decisions may have life or death consequences.

ANNIVERSARY by Rachel Bonds
Directed by Nathan Hoffart

2 men, 2 women

When grappling with a significant loss, Penelope embarks on a new relationship, attempting to function in a world that seems to speed ahead without her.

Directed by Robin MacLeod

2 men 2 women

"He's a brooding sort of guy...but cute, very cute." Eccentric, outspoken Mrs. Getz wastes no time in pegging her new neighbour, Sid. And she's right. Young, ambitious Sid has been promised a new job at the local bank. Are things finally going to go right for Sid? Unfortunately, not anytime soon. When Margaret finds a rejection letter in the mailbox, she spills the beans to the neighbours and Sid collapses in emotional ruin. Moo-moo wearing Mrs. Getz and her agreeable son, Kenneth, step in. Mrs. Getz urges Sid not to get down but to get even by robbing that bank. As they proceed with the plotting and planning, Sid, Margaret, Mrs. Getz and Kenneth help us realize that the edge of insanity may be closer than we think!

There are TWO audition times to choose from:

The Thread Men 7pm
Anniversary 7:30pm
Brooding and Dangerous 8pm

The Thread Men 1pm
Anniversary 1:30pm
Brooding and Dangerous 2pm

***** there is a possibility of Callbacks on Sunday, Sept 27 *******

Actors can get scripts from directors if they would like to pre-read. Please email Auditions will be select parts of each play, and there is no need to memorize anything. We like to keep auditions as stress-free as possible. You may audition for as many plays as you like!


If possible, please RSVP and indicate what audition date you'll attend.

Terrace Little Theatre IS CALLING ALL ACTORS and READERS!!!

TLT is excited to announce a PLAY READING MARATHON Saturday September 19th at 10:30 at the McColl Playhouse!

Anyone interested in being part of our 2015 season opener SHORT SCRIPTS: A NIGHT OF ONE ACT PLAYS to be staged in November - this day is for you.

It's your chance to find out what the plays in question are about, who is directing, and what acting roles are available.

We will be reading several short plays, enjoying a catered lunch, and reading some more.

You can come to read, just listen, or ask questions. No experience necessary!

We are also looking for back stage people and Stage Managers.

If you have more questions please call Marianne at 250.635.2942 (8 am to 8 pm) or email

You can also post questions on our Facebook page here.

Seeking Directors/Stage Managers for Short Scripts: A One-Act Showcase!!!

Earlier in June we had a call out for directors looking for some more experience. This meeting, September 12th at 10:00 am at the McColl Playhouse, marks the official start of launching our Fall Show! In this One-Act showcase, less experienced directors will be given the opportunity to explore directing, with lots of support and guidance along the way. Their one-act plays will make up our show entitled Short Scripts: A One-Act Showcase.

This is the LAST CALL for anyone who wants to get in on this very exciting new project for the TLT! Simply attend this meeting and be ready to start learning, script searching and casting your show.

Interested Stage Managers and backstage interested people, please attend this meeting as well.

Interested actors, please stay tuned for audition dates!

If you're intrigued but want more information before attending, contact Nathan Hoffart (

Terrace Little Theatre's Fall Showcase Information Meeting this Week June 10th!!!

Are you interested in acting, directing, learning lighting or backstage skills this Fall? Terrace Little Theatre will be holding a meeting this Wednesday, June, 10, 2015 at the McColl Playhouse, 3625 Kalum Street, at 7:00pm.

Have you ever toyed with the idea of directing, acting, operating lighting or sound, but it seemed overwhelming? Maybe you don't have a lot of experience, or the time commitment seems daunting. Well, this Fall the TLT is looking for aspiring directors, thespians and crew just like you!

Instead of a single play, we are proposing a showcase where anyone - new or experienced - is invited to direct a scene or short one-act play. These pieces will be combined to create a showcase of work. We are encouraging folks with a range of experience to be a part of this showcase in all roles.

Curious? Want more information? Come to a commitment-free information evening on Wednesday, June 10 at 7pm. RSVP on our Facebook group: if you can.

Can't make it, but still interested? Send us a PM or email at and we'll be in touch.