MARION BRIDGE: Information Page

Terrace Little Theatre is Pleased to Announce that Its Spring Production of "Marion Bridge" has been Cast!!!

Terrace Little Theatre is pleased to announce that its spring/festival production of Daniel McIvor's "Marion Bridge" has been cast! The three female roles for this show have been cast as follows:

Agnes - Jacquie Munson
Theresa - Amy Turner
Louise - Cora Stemalschuck

Synopsis: When three daughters go home to Cape Breton, they must confront not only their dying mother, but also the lives they have come to lead. Each in their own way attempts to sort out the emptiness and loneliness that has come to rule her day-to-day life. The ideas of what they wanted to be and what their mother wanted them to be is all the more torturous as the daughters begin to finally understand what they are and why they are that way. Marion Bridge is the humorous and touching story by Daniel MacIvor that demonstrates the absolute power of realization and how it heals as much as it harms.

This will be our Skeena Zone Drama Festival entry, the festival being held at the end of May in Prince Rupert.

Thank you to all who came out to audition, your enthusiasm and desire are invaluable to us, so perhaps next time.