OUT OF TIME: Information Page

TLT's Spring Production of Karla Hennig's "Out of Time" Enjoys Two Sold Out Shows for Its Closing Weekend!!!

The historical play about the pioneers of our community, saw audiences enthralled by the gripping, yet humorous, production detailing the experiences of these brave and courageous individuals, culminating in sold-out shows on its last two nights. Congratulations to the cast and crew!

This exciting and engaging production welcomed several new faces both onstage and behind the scenes, and with their energy and enthusiasm, made for an evening of warm, enchanting entertainment.

We would like to thank everyone who came out to see our wonderful spring production, because without your continued support, productions like this, showcasing our local talent, might never see the lights of the stage.

TLT's 2016 Spring Production of Karla Hennig's Historical Drama "Out of Time" Opens Friday March 25th!!!

Preparations are coming to a close for the Terrace Little Theatre's 2016 spring production of Karla Hennig's original historical drama "Out of Time" opens Friday March 25th. Take a historical trip back to the pioneer days of the Terrace area in a unique production containing actual interviews with the people who lived it.

A poignant collection of experiences will take the audience through some emotional highs and lows with some unexpected humour thrown in for good measure.

The production is also looking for people to do Front-of-House duties. Duties include taking tickets and serving at the bar during intermission and after the show. You must be a current TLT member and have your Serving it Right certificate in order to volunteer. The show nights are March 25,26 - March 31 April 1,2 - April 7/8/9. Please reply ASAP to Maria Braam at hmbraam@citywest.ca or call 250-635-7531 before 9:00pm.

We would love any and all help in these areas!!

Tickets are $18 and are available right now at Uniglobe Courtesy Travel.

Terrace Little Theatre's Spring show "Out of Time" has been cast!!!

Terrace Little Theatre's spring show has been cast. "Out of Time" - a play celebrating life in northwestern BC will have its debut on the stage of the McColl Playhouse.

Terrace Little Theatre is bringing another original production to the stage. "Out of Time", a play developed through interviews with local people, will debut in March. Thanks to everyone who came to auditions; we are thrilled to have an exciting mixture of well seasoned actors and newly discovered talent.

Though the character names are enigmatic, the stories are bewitching. The first ever people to play these roles are:

Woman A: Rose Schweng
Woman B: Jacquie Munson
Woman C: Cindy Rice
Woman D: Robin Macleod
Woman E: Christina Losier
Woman F: Jo-Anne Voogd
Man 1: Steve Kietzmann
Man 2: Joe Bergeron
Girl 1: Leila-Ann Fernandes

Be sure to come out and see the history of our town as seen through the eyes of the people who have lived their lives in this beguiling region.

Terrace Little Theatre will be Holding Auditions for Karla Hennig's Newest Play, "Out of Time", January 7th and 9th!!!

The Terrace Little Theatre will be holding auditions for Karla Hennig's play, "Out of Time", on Thursday January 7th at 7:00 pm and Saturday January 9th at 1:00 pm at a new rehearsal space. ... 5412 Hwy 16 (the old White River Helicopters building).

The play explores the lives of people living in the Pacific Northwest from the early 1900's to the 1960's. Comic, dramatic and uniquely local, the production was inspired by real life interviews of the area's pioneers. There are six female and two male roles available. Age levels are flexible. All the actors play numerous characters re-imagined and recreated from real life events. If you have ever been interested in trying out your acting skills, now is the perfect time, as no prior experience is necessary. Bring a friend as well.

The rehearsal space has no furniture, so please bring a chair! We will be creating something new together...

There are also backstage positions available. This ensemble piece will be welcoming input from cast and crew alike. Come and experience the excitement of helping to bring a new play to life.

Production dates for this show: opening March 25, 2016. The performances will be at the McColl Playhouse for three weekends on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

For more details call Karla at 250-635-5463 or email her at kjhennig@gmail.com.