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SUMMER DRAMA DAYS 2008: Information Page

Summer Drama Days Takes the Year Off

The Terrace Little Theatre has been running their summer camp for children – “Summer Drama Days” for more than a quarter century. This year they have decided to take a break. “It’s not that it wasn’t working”, said President Patrick McIntyre. “It’s just that it could work better.”

The prized summer drama program has been an annual hit with kids and parents and has trained many youth as theatre instructors over the years. TLT sees it as an ideal environment for young people to build important life-skills and foster a love of theatre. But it takes a significant amount of volunteer hours to supervise and support the program. Feedback from children, parents and student instructors leads the club to believe it’s time to have a closer look at how to structure the program, and the club, to better support our goals.

As it turns out, the timing is ideal. TLT is planning to build a second space on their property to house props and sets before embarking on renovations of the theatre. Since the building is structurally sound, the Executive has decided it makes sense to invest in their current assets, as many homeowners in the area are already doing. “Our friendly theatre ghost had the last word”, says an executive member who wishes to remain unnamed. The club is looking into the history of the building to see if it has heritage potential.